THEY’RE providing services to keep small businesses thriving.

Digital marketing in today’s society is essential to creating a thriving business. THEY’RE is founded on the belief that small businesses serve as a pillar of their communities. We understand not every startup has the budget for an ad agency or comprehensive  digital marketing service. We provide discounted educational resources, tools, and services at a low cost to anyone we can.

Our services and resources are comprehensive, easily understandable, and are able to be customized for your individual needs. We understand everyone learns differently and want to provide you with the best service possible. 

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing gives you and your business the power to be seen. Whether your dream career is running your own restaurant, blogging, in music, in health, or anything in between- you need digital marketing skills.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When people are on their phones or laptops googling for a service or product in your area, are they finding you? Let us help you.

Your site is a vital tool to connecting and creating conversions for your business. We offer a wide array of site services; from content, to management, audits, and more. We’re skilled in UX and SEO.

Social media is a way to virtually sign for people to come and interact with your business for free. It’s important to maintain your organic social media and following. Paid ads bring in more money temporarily, PPC doesn’t create a connection or consumer.

Blogging is a great and fun tool when utilized properly. By combining our knowledge of both people and search engines- we’re able to boost your blog posts.

We assist artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses alike in the digital business industry to help you thrive. We come together to work, educate, empower and build up others.


THEY’RE is focused on providing digital marketing services and resources to help your business thrive in the digital world.

Spreading knowledge and appreciation of your work while empowering you is our priority. We strive to change the world of business as we know it through strategic digital marketing. We provide digital marketing services focused on organic growth.This includes Search Engine Optimization services, blogging services, site and social media management, and more. Digital marketing services are commonly used by large franchises and corporations to gain an edge above small businesses due to the extravagant costs that can be associated with these services. Our goal is to use this knowledge and help small businesses not just stay open but, truly thrive and be a foundation for their community.

Creating Custom Solutions For You.


We work with entrepreneurs, creative artists, and small businesses across all disciplines. No matter what industry you’re in, THEY’RE can create a personalized service for you. THEY’RE is more than basic services or resources. Our services are about growth and reaching your goals. This allows you to thrive doing what you love. Empowering your business using digital marketing is our main priority. Whatever background you come from, THEY’RE will assist you and your business. We will put you on the right path of doing what you love.


Artists, small businesses, and entrepreneurs’ work have the power to change their communities. Whether you are a fashion designer, sandwich shop owner, mechanic, or a graphic designer, we work with you. We customize resources and services for each client. We strive to help you grow organically. We specialize in excelling in the digital realm and constantly improving. Growing and learning ourselves, we stay up to date with the top knowledge. We are here to share our knowledge with you and shape your business. Through what we offer, we not only help you thrive. We help artists like yourself change and master their field as independent individuals.


THEY’RE changing the world.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. For example, if you’re looking for the nearest coffee shop near you, you may google ‘coffee shop in Albany New York’. Helping one specific coffee shop rank to the top of that result is what SEO does.

SEO can help your business by making your business easily findable in Google Search results and show your prospective customers exactly what they’re looking for. 

Yes! Your business needs a website not just so prospective customers can find your business but, so they can see what your business is about. This is important to your next customers. Your site is the epicenter of all things related to your business; reviews, what your business does, who your business staffs, the impact your business has on the community, and more! Whether your business is a mechanic shop, a beauty parlor, DJ, photographer, or anything in between- you need a site.

Yes! Social media is a great tool to interact with your community and gain traffic. From social media, you are also able to lead people back to your site and see how much traffic your social media is getting. We can help you if you’re struggling with what to post, what social media platforms are viable for your industry, and others.

Yes, you need a blog. Blogs are vital for SEO. Blog posts give you a unique opportunity to rank for things that you wouldn’t be able to rank for in a page. Blog posts also give you the opportunity to build links.

We recommend starting a blog with lots of content, links, and focusing on niche things. Writing about ten local things to do around you is always a good post. You should always keep in mind that your blog posts help connect you with your community, so feel free to link and talk about other businesses doing relatable things to your post. THEY’RE has the ability to help you start your blog with custom blogging guides and services catered to your needs.